January 6th was a Terrorist Attack

Imagine 9/11, only no press conferences explaining what happened or what was ongoing, and a third of Congress expressing sympathy with Al Qaida and urging us to forget the attack in the name of unity. — Seth Masket (@smotus) January 10, 2021 However, I doubt we’ll see anyone from the Trump Administration – or Trump […]

Police Officer That Rioters Hit With Fire Extinguisher Dies, Making Capitol Siege a Murder Scene

From Slate: Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died Thursday night from wounds sustained trying to protect the nation’s legislature from pro-Trump insurrectionists. The Capitol Police said Sicknick succumbed to injuries inflicted “while physically engaging” with pro-Trump rioters Wednesday. That, however, appears to be a euphemism for beaten to death by Trump supporters, as officials told […]