Happy Valentine’s Day

21 USC §§331, 333, 352 & 21 CFR §348.50(c)(1)(ii)-(d) make it a federal crime to sell male genital desensitizer without telling men to put it on their penis and not in their eyes. — A Crime a Day (@CrimeADay) March 27, 2018

Funding Armageddon

The most unrealistic part of Armageddon is that congress took the asteroid threat seriously and appropriated funds for a solution. — Andrew Sleighter (@AndrewSleighter) February 13, 2019

Foxconn’s Wisconsin Deal

Trump’s negotiating prowess on display once again. Foxconn’s incentives are more than 10 times greater than typical government aid packages of its stripe. […] Foxconn has a history of overpromising and underdelivering on major deals. In Brazil in 2011 and India in 2015, it pledged to invest billions of dollars and create tens of thousands […]

Carly Ray Adsense

Hey, I just met you And this is crazy But here’s a vast quantity of info from every web site I’ve visited in the past ten years So serve some ads to me maybe — mikeash (@mikeash) February 11, 2019

Wine Crimes

NOTE: @CrimeADay would like to apologize to you single people who thought you had something to be happy about. The limit for you is 100 gallons per year. There is, however, no federal limit on private cat ownership. — A Crime a Day (@CrimeADay) February 10, 2019

Voting Holiday

Officials in Sandusky, Ohio have decided their city will no longer observe Columbus Day as a holiday and will swap it with Election Day instead. This will give workers in municipal offices throughout the city the day off on Election Day. This needs to happen everywhere. — Ricky Davila (@TheRickyDavila) February 7, 2019

Bezos Dick Pics

Jeff Bezos being applauded by the whole world for telling us about his penis is a legendary power move. https://t.co/YXD75AWPTm — Mike Duncan (@mikeduncan) February 8, 2019 from Twitter https://twitter.com/engineershope February 08, 2019 at 09:53AM

Apple Mail Message Script

Here’s a cool post with an AppleScript that lets you create a link to an Apple Mail message anywhere on your Mac.https://t.co/M72eYTTBVV And here’s a demonstration video.https://t.co/a1MKjqwTZu — David Sparks (@MacSparky) February 5, 2019 February 07, 2019 at 09:56AM