The Value in XML

From Nicolas Fränkel: XML has a lot of advantages compared to other more alternative technologies. In addition to what I described above, it benefits from a rich ecosystem. It’s not considered hype by a lot of young (and not so young) developers. I believe would be beneficial if our industry would value more battle-proven technologies […]

Challenged by Change

From Eclectic Light Company: It’s curious that Apple, a vociferous supporter of diversity in the workplace, doesn’t see the choice of change in the same terms. It uses all manner of devices to nudge or persuade us to keep upgrading our operating systems, Mac hardware and more. If you run macOS, iOS, etc., Apple will […]

Halide’s Wildfire Response

Classy move. Great camera app. We saw a lot of attention yesterday as people used Halide to take photos of the eerie orange skies in places hit by wildfires. We got significantly higher downloads. It feels wrong to benefit from this, so we are donating yesterday’s sales to our local Wildfire Relief Fund. — Halide […]


From TechCrunch: A privacy bug in Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s official campaign app allowed anyone to look up sensitive voter information on millions of Americans, a security researcher has found. Come on, man! Stupidity just runs through all of politics.

Giggle; laughable security

It’s best not to threaten the people trying to help you: Disclosure timeline: 07/09/2020: Reached out privately via Twitter DM 09/09/2020: Publicly reached out via Twitter 09/09/2020: Continued DM with giggle owner, Sall 09/09/2020: DI_Security Twitter account blocked 09/09/2020: JayHarris_Sec Twitter account blocked 09/09/2020: Saskia asked Sall to reconsider ignoring us 09/09/2020: ms__chief account blocked […]

Hobby Software

Great thread. I needed to make a small change to my hobby Rails app I was maintaining since 2009. Web development is easy, so how hard could it be? Famous last words, as it turns out. (thread) — Mislav Marohnić (@mislav) September 3, 2020

John’s Mac Pro Woes

From ATP episode 393, this entire chapter is wonderfully entertaining. I love tech support stories, and the “process of elimination” we all follow when trying to figure out what is causing a ghost-in-the-machine type problem. Disconnect one thing Disconnect another … Disconnect everything and hope that solves it …Nuke and Pave John Siracusa has not […]