Automating Thought Leadership

have u ever wondered why we need so many vcs & founders tweeting constantly when they’re all saying basically the same things? well i put a bunch into gpt2 and turns out thought leadership is an easily automated job, and all humans doing it should be optimized out — stephanie (@isosteph) February 21, 2020 […]

Wirecutter Pulls Ring Doorbell Recommendation

As of December 19th, 2019 on Wirecutter: In light of recent reports of Ring device login credentials being compromised, we’re suspending our recommendation of all Ring products. Ring owners should update their passwords with a new, previously unused one. About damn time. It’s not like these issues with Ring are new news, either. Don’t buy […]


Android is the platform for people who want to make more choices about how their device works, but because of the pricing, it’s also the platform that people who don’t care about or understand those choices are most likely to be sold. — Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) December 1, 2019

The Code We Rely On

Random factoid for the day: Microsoft went from Windows 8, 8.1 to 10 and skipped Windows 9, because too much software looked to see if the OS version began “Windows 9” to see if it was running on Windows 95 or Windows 98, and then wrongly assumed Windows 9 was super old — %{PwnAllTheThings} (@pwnallthethings) […]

The Case for Chromebooks?

My parents use a combination of cheap Chromebooks and Windows laptops. I imagine the attack surface on the Chromebook is lower, but having never used one extensively I can’t be certain it’s 0%. I always think of iOS as secure and hardened for casual use, but when I hear stories of people installing various profiles […]

Gui Rambo vs. Apple

Thankfully, this was resolved today with Apple restoring Gui’s access. Back in August, Apple locked me out of my developer account, preventing me from updating my apps on the App Store. They didn’t provide any explanation or reason, and since then I’ve reached out to them many times, without success. — Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) November […]

Sun Microsystems vs Google Stadia

Great thread. A long time ago— like 15 years ago— I worked at Sun Microsystems. The company was nearly dead at the time (it died a couple years later) because they didn’t make anything that anyone wanted to buy anymore. So they had a lot of strange ideas about how they’d make their comeback. — […]