Peacock Legal Cake

Want to spread buzz about your new streaming service? Really, there’s not much of a better approach. NBC’s new streaming service Peacock hid a cake recipe in the terms and conditions. — Zoe Scaman (@zoescaman) July 19, 2020

Apple’s New Study

From 9to5Mac: A new study today from Analysis Group, supported by Apple, aims to defend the 30% cut Apple takes from App Store transactions. According to the research, Apple’s App Store commission rate is similar to those of other app stores and digital content marketplaces. When you have to pay for your own study to […]

The HEY Stack

Interesting look into modern software development. The HEY stack:– Vanilla Ruby on Rails on the backend, running on edge– Stimulus, Turbolinks, Trix + NEW MAGIC on the front end– MySQL for DB (Vitess for sharding)– Redis for short-lived data + caching– ElasticSearch for indexing– AWS/K8S — DHH (@dhh) June 24, 2020

The App Store Doesn’t Make Apps Safe

From Michael Tsai’s blog, a great collection of why the Apple App Store doesn’t make users safer. It’s a tollgate, an expensive one, which provides not much in the way of security. Heck, even a manager from Uber is quoted in there! I built out and headed up App Store optimization for all of Uber’s […]

Facebook’s Nicotine

From DaringFireball: Polarizing divisive content is to Facebook as nicotine is to cigarette makers: a component of their product which their own internal research shows is harmful, but which they choose to increase, rather than decrease, because its addictiveness is so profitable. Accurate comparison.

Weasels have eaten our phone system

For about an hour on Tuesday night, Citibank customers trying to phone the company were met with the same odd message in place of a polite automated service operator: “Hello world. Weasels have eaten our phone system.” I think the best part is the reasoning why. Open source software, a dedicated contributor from 15 years […]