Facebook’s Nicotine

From DaringFireball: Polarizing divisive content is to Facebook as nicotine is to cigarette makers: a component of their product which their own internal research shows is harmful, but which they choose to increase, rather than decrease, because its addictiveness is so profitable. Accurate comparison.

Weasels have eaten our phone system

For about an hour on Tuesday night, Citibank customers trying to phone the company were met with the same odd message in place of a polite automated service operator: “Hello world. Weasels have eaten our phone system.” I think the best part is the reasoning why. Open source software, a dedicated contributor from 15 years […]

Good Tip

If you have a Pi-Hole on your network, adding https://t.co/KPUjgsEMmU to the blacklist solves the crashing problem (you should probably leave it that way) https://t.co/AoLV9uR8KR — Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) May 6, 2020

When Every App Crashes

From AnilDash: The flagship mobile apps from Google, Spotify, Apple, NYT, Venmo, Walmart and many other huge companies all broke for about 30 minutes. A simple explanation of the cause is pretty brief: they all use code from Facebook, so when that broke, they all started crashing. Issues #1373 and #1374 on GitHub have a […]

NJ’s COBOL Problem

Yeah, the unemployment system in NJ relies on COBOL. Do you know what else still relies on COBOL…? Everyone is dissing COBOL but when was the last time you saw $0.30000000000000004 on your bank statement? — Damien Guard (@damienguard) April 6, 2020

Automating Thought Leadership

have u ever wondered why we need so many vcs & founders tweeting constantly when they’re all saying basically the same things? well i put a bunch into gpt2 and turns out thought leadership is an easily automated job, and all humans doing it should be optimized out https://t.co/7EENNf00IJ — stephanie (@isosteph) February 21, 2020 […]