Parler’s Progressive Web App

For the crowd that flies to outrage because they can’t fathom doing a quick Google search first: Quick transcript of the hilarious bit: MajorSalt: How do I use it for Parler? It asks for a captcha when logging in but the caption image doesn’t show up when using the PWA. ChynaBiden: 1. Not going to […]

Facebook Runs Second Full-Page Ad Criticizing Apple, Says Opt-In Tracking Will Make the Internet Worse

From MacRumors: Facebook has expressed additional criticism towards Apple over an upcoming iOS 14 privacy measure that will require users to grant permission for their activity to be tracked for personalized advertising purposes. “Opt in tracking will make the internet worse.” Probably! At least in the short run. The argument goes that most people have […]

The Vexing Pedals

Garmin’s Vector 3 power meter pedals are rather excellent. Their connectivity to my Wahoo ROAM head unit (via ANT+) has been spotless. However, their ability to connect to my iPhone via Bluetooth to check battery status and update firmware has not been great, good, or even passable. Pairing a bluetooth device should be painless by […]

OCSP Privacy Promises, Coming Soon!

Apple made some updates to this page (h/t to Rene Richie for finding this): Privacy protections macOS has been designed to keep users and their data safe while respecting their privacy. Gatekeeper performs online checks to verify if an app contains known malware and whether the developer’s signing certificate is revoked. We have never combined […]

Apple’s OCSP Problem

How it started Jeff Johnson (@lapcatsoftware) seems to have noticed it first: Hey Apple users: If you’re now experiencing hangs launching apps on the Mac, I figured out the problem using Little Snitch. It’s trustd connecting to Denying that connection fixes it, because OCSP is a soft failure. (Disconnect internet also fixes.) — […]

Exiting Vim

Every Mac user an hour ago: I can’t launch my apps! Everyone Mac user now: After editing /etc/hosts I can’t exit vim! — Jeff Johnson (@lapcatsoftware) November 12, 2020 It does take practice. 😉