Watopia – Testing the Waters

Leg felt…ok. Lots of weird pins and needles in the groin area. A tad sore now that I’ve finished. Will have to wait and see what tomorrow brings. Pain? Nothing? And then try to slowly, slowly pick this back up.

Evening Ride ⛅

Hip and thigh still ain’t quite right. Has to be the most damage I’ve ever done to myself on a bike. 😓 (Well, second most, counting that time I crashed into a utility pole.)

Slow Pedal ☀️

Knee, hip, and upper leg all feeling decent today. Pushed a little, didn’t hurt except a tiny bit in the beginning. Shaking off some cobwebs, I suppose. Have to check back in on it tomorrow.

Right Leg Still Busted

A gentle ride along the canal path last night. That Tuesday night ride last week somehow took a steep toll on my right leg. At the finish of that ride, I felt mostly ok. Tired, a little sore, but not as if anything terrible had occurred. At the finish of this ride my muscles in […]

Ow, My Hip

Tweaked my hip on the earlier ride this week. Ugh. This ride showed that even a low-intensity effort is enough to irritate it now. Guess I’ll be taking the weekend off. 😥

Saturday Recovery Ride ⛅

This ride puts me across the 2,000 mile mark for 2020. I’ll have to celebrate once I hit mile 2020. Some fast facts compared to last year: By this time last year I had done about 1,600 miles. It took me until August 11th, 2019 to break the 2,000 mile mark. I have 690 miles […]