Staying Home

From FiveThirtyEight: The Cuebiq data suggests that behavioral changes were largely driven by people making a voluntary choice to stay home rather than being forced to do so by a state-sanctioned stay-at-home order. One need only look at the behavior of residents in North Carolina and their neighbors in South Carolina: While North Carolina issued […]

People, Suddenly Armed with Statistics

*asteroid approaches* SCIENTISTS: If we don’t stop this, it will destroy Earth. PEOPLE: Oh no. How many people has it killed so far? SCIENTISTS: None yet. PEOPLE, SUDDENLY ARMED WITH STATISTICS: Why, that’s fewer than traffic accidents! Fewer than vending machines! Fewer than — Ben Orlin (@benorlin) March 28, 2020

Who We Punish

Missed this good tidbit from a FiveThirtyEight article I put up earlier: There are many different personal factors that affect how people evaluate the evidence for or against a political scandal and what they think should be done about it. Gender — both the politician’s and the voters’ — is one example, said Nick Vivyan, […]