Inside Pfizer’s Fast, Fraught, and Lucrative Vaccine Distribution

This entire article is a great read, but I came across something below I had not heard before. From Bloomberg: Pfizer executives found a partial fix to their supply problem in the vaccine vials themselves. They just needed authorization to change the labels to say the vials contained six doses instead of five. It’s standard …

How the Fossil Fuel Industry Convinced Americans to Love Gas Stoves

From Mother Jones: As more municipalities have moved to phase gas lines out of new buildings to cut down on methane emissions, gas utilities have gone on the defensive, launching anti-electrification campaigns across the country. Is it because “cooking with gas” is somehow better? But the tables seem to be turning. In November, the powerful …

Check Your Assumptions

1) In 2008 a salmon (yes the fish) was put through an MRI scanner. The salmon was shown a series of photographs of humans in social situations, and asked to determine the emotion of the person in the photo (yes, really). — Per Axbom (@axbom) December 7, 2019

Dorian’s Wind Field

We can also follow Dorian’s wind field evolution on a map using the ARCHER satellite derived track. Notice how Dorian remains small in size until it stalls over the Grand Bahama island, with a long duration of hurricane force wind & increase in radius. — Tomer Burg (@burgwx) September 4, 2019