You Gotta Wear a Mask, Bro

From Newsweek: The man gets up after falling down and continues to walk into the store as the security guard wearing a face mask attempts to block him from shopping without touching him. The customer pushes the security guard into a basket of tomatoes and continues walking into the store before he is surrounded by […]

Staying Home

From FiveThirtyEight: The Cuebiq data suggests that behavioral changes were largely driven by people making a voluntary choice to stay home rather than being forced to do so by a state-sanctioned stay-at-home order. One need only look at the behavior of residents in North Carolina and their neighbors in South Carolina: While North Carolina issued […]

But in the Face of Evidence

From FiveThirtyEight: Then how’d it get here at all? There’s a simpler, if less flashy, explanation for the emergence of a new SARS. A study, published in 2018, of four rural villages in Yunnan province located near caves containing bats known to carry coronaviruses found that 2.7 percent of those surveyed had antibodies for close […]


From The Verge: The US Food and Drug Administration has issued the first authorization for an at-home COVID-19 test kit. LabCorp, the diagnostics company producing the tests, says it will give first access to health care workers and first responders. I’m sure this is very well-intentioned and has the opportunity to be effective. Currently racking […]

Won’t Somebody Think of the Pigs

The bizarre parade continues as the quarantine endures: A Las Vegas farm relied on strip casinos as its main food source for 4,000 pigs. Now it’s getting creative to keep them full. “Pigs are a lot like us so they love sweets, candies, ice cream,” Las Vegas Livestock co-owner Hank Combs said. “They like meat […]