Saturday Recovery Ride ⛅

This ride puts me across the 2,000 mile mark for 2020. I’ll have to celebrate once I hit mile 2020. Some fast facts compared to last year: By this time last year I had done about 1,600 miles. It took me until August 11th, 2019 to break the 2,000 mile mark. I have 690 miles […]

Saddle Test #3 ☀️

Third time is closer to a charm. Still some annoying spots, but getting better. I have: Reduced the saddle max width down to 140-145 mm. My original saddle was ~140 and it seems like this is my sweet spot to avoid pain points on the inside-rear of my thigh. Reduced the front width down a […]

Saddle Testing

Trying out the BiSaddle. Seeing if it can help with some numbness. Test #1 Nope, nope, nope. Too far forward, too wide, owwww the inside of my thighs. Set a PR, though! Sadly I forgot my HR strap on this ride. Test #2 A little better. I changed: Moved the saddle backwards ~0.25 inches Added […]