Android is the platform for people who want to make more choices about how their device works, but because of the pricing, it’s also the platform that people who don’t care about or understand those choices are most likely to be sold. — Benedict Evans (@benedictevans) December 1, 2019

A Gas that Terrorists Breathe

English is a language terrorists use, too. Linday Graham just described WhatsApp as a tool “that terrorists use.” WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users. You might as well describe oxygen as “a gas that terrorists breathe.” — Julian Sanchez (@normative) December 10, 2019

Richard Who?

It’s…worth asking how this happened. CORRECTION: Earlier on #AMJoy as we were talking about former Navy secretary Richard Spencer we mistakenly showed the wrong image of white supremacist Richard Spencer. We are very, deeply sorry for that mistake. — AM Joy w/Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) December 1, 2019

This Sign

It’s not nice to call people stupid, so I’m really hoping that one of the thousand monkeys they have typing on keyboards in the Republican caucus managed to mash out this sign and a gust of wind from a smart-outlet controller fan blew it up onto this stand. Why? The sign means Schiff is following […]

Not a Political Opponent

? I asked President Trump if he had ever asked any foreign leaders for corruption investigations of anyone who was NOT a political opponent of his. He said we’ll have to check that. — Eamon Javers (@EamonJavers) October 4, 2019

Those Dang Kids

Mnuchin: “What I find inappropriate is at the time VP Biden’s son did significant biz in Ukraine & should be further investigated.”@jaketapper: So it’s ok for Trump’s kids to do biz all over the world while Trump is POTUS? Mnuchin: “I dont want to go more into these details.” — Bianna Golodryga (@biannagolodryga) September 22, […]

But Her Emails!

From NPR: Amateur satellite trackers say they believe an image tweeted by President Trump on Friday came from one of America’s most advanced spy satellites. And no one is “guessing” here: Both techniques suggest the pictures were snapped by USA 224, which flew near the site at 2:14 p.m. local time. “The match was perfect, […]