Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission

As the president and his allies toss around allegations of voter fraud, the United States is lucky that Trump appointed a commission to look into EXACTLY this issue concerning allegations of 3 million illegal votes in 2016. Here is a summary of their findings: — S.V. Dáte (@svdate) November 5, 2020 Good news! If […]

On the Margins

Important to remember that Trump got 3 million FEWER votes than Hillary Clinton, and won by a combined margin of 77,744 votes across three states to win the Electoral College. It truly was a rogue wave that swamped America. From The Useful Idiot: — S.V. Dáte (@svdate) October 31, 2020

A Deft Stroke

These guys at The Lincoln Project know exactly how to twist the knife. Already been sent a letter from a law firm representing Trump and Kushner saying it should be taken down. Unfortunately, Americans have the right to criticize their public officials, which includes using accurate quotes and photoshopping cans of Goya beans out of […]

Why Didn’t Sauron Condemn the Orc Hordes?

From McSweeney’s: Why didn’t Sauron condemn the orc hordes? I’m totally puzzled, you guys. After being asked to comment on the orc hordes maiming and eradicating whole villages, Sauron kind of sidestepped the question and started talking about how orcs actually have great table manners? What does this mean? And then, when later asked to […]