Just to be clear here on the standards Republicans are setting: -If someone lies repeatedly, we cannot trust them on anything -If someone cheats on their spouse, we cannot trust them — Aaron Blake (@AaronBlake) February 27, 2019

I Believe Him

Trump on Kim Jong Un: I believe him Trump on Putin: I believe him Trump on MBS: I believe him Trump on Michael Cohen: Dirty liar who can’t be trusted — Aaron Blake (@AaronBlake) February 28, 2019

How Congressional Democrats Could Screw Up Their Trump Investigations

Investigators need to avoid getting lost in the details Congressional investigations are inherently theatrical. But political science experts told me that Democrats shouldn’t expect to win over the public by simply producing new facts — instead, they need to contextualize whatever information they find within a simple, compelling story. […] “The danger is that if […]

Taxes, Man

Every year I enjoy moving my withholdings around a few times a year, in order to minimize federal taxes withheld. Most years I’m able to end up with a $0-100 refund, which is actually great! It means I’m getting the money back ahead of time in my paycheck, and not in one single lump sum […]

Stock Buybacks and Misunderstandings

When it comes to legislating economic policies, positive incentives work better than negative ones. Micromanaging corporate capital activities isn’t the way to achieve the stated goals that Schumer and Sanders want. The tweaks above would be a start in the right direction. Emphasis mine. You won’t get far pushing the river (or a string), but you […]