In Summation

in summation— Trump is a genius but you can’t see his grades Trump is healthy but you can’t see his medical reports Trump is rich but you can’t see his tax returns Trump is honest but you can’t see the documents Trump is innocent but you can’t subpoena the witnesses — Jeff Tiedrich (@itsJeffTiedrich) January […]

Staying in the Republican Party

From The Liberty Hawk: I didn’t follow the post-2016 #NeverTrump Trend The day after the 2016 election, Evan McMullin called for principled conservatives to leave the Republican Party. Since then, there have been many conservatives who did just that, including several I highly respect like George Will, David French, and Justin Amash. But I had several […]

Don’t Punch Down

True or not, Sec Pompeo must have never been given the advice “don’t punch down.” — Matt Edwards (@engineershope) January 25, 2020

The Ring of Power

From The Verge: But to compare Facebook to the power of the One Ring misses the lesson of Tolkien’s tale entirely: that such power, even when wielded by the greatest of people (Galadriel) or with the best intentions (Gandalf), is unfit for anyone to possess at all. If Facebook is the Ring of Power, by […]

Genocide Recognition

Per Fox: The man acknowledged the outburst was unrelated to the purpose of the event, stating, “No disrespect to you all, I’m glad you guys are getting recognized for your genocide, but this man is a f—–g liar!” Sounds like a Trump voter.

Call in Amash

Brilliant idea. However, Democrats supportive of the idea — a group that includes conservative Blue Dogs as well as liberal members — applaud Amash for his courage standing up to Trump and his own party. While Amash was not part of the House investigative process, he’s a former lawyer known for his strict interpretations of […]

Oath of Office

Can’t wait to try this next time I’m a called for jury duty. Senator Graham has chosen to violate his oath to support and defend the Constitution, his oath to do impartial justice in an impeachment trial, and his duty to represent all the people of his state, not just those who share his political […]

A Gas that Terrorists Breathe

English is a language terrorists use, too. Linday Graham just described WhatsApp as a tool “that terrorists use.” WhatsApp has 1.5 billion active users. You might as well describe oxygen as “a gas that terrorists breathe.” — Julian Sanchez (@normative) December 10, 2019