The Minimum Wage

A line cook making $15/hr would double the cost of a meal at McDonald’s, but somehow their CEO making $18 million plus has no impact? Whatever happens, we need a rationale debate on this. Enough noise from the red-necks and social-justice warriors in the cheap seats.

Trump revokes rule preventing White House staff from lobbying

From Politico: After campaigning on a promise to “drain the swamp,” Donald Trump ended his presidency by revoking his own rule meant to prevent White House staff from lobbying. Shortly after he entered office, Trump signed an executive order that barred appointees from any lobbying related to their agency for five years, in addition to […]

All Aboard the Pequod!

From Krebs on Security: If all of the above theorizing reads like yet another crackpot QAnon conspiracy, that may be the inevitable consequence of my spending far too much time going down this particular rabbit hole (and re-reading Moby Dick in the process!). In any case, none of this is likely to matter to the […]

January 6th was a Terrorist Attack

Imagine 9/11, only no press conferences explaining what happened or what was ongoing, and a third of Congress expressing sympathy with Al Qaida and urging us to forget the attack in the name of unity. — Seth Masket (@smotus) January 10, 2021 However, I doubt we’ll see anyone from the Trump Administration – or Trump […]

Police Officer That Rioters Hit With Fire Extinguisher Dies, Making Capitol Siege a Murder Scene

From Slate: Capitol Police officer Brian Sicknick died Thursday night from wounds sustained trying to protect the nation’s legislature from pro-Trump insurrectionists. The Capitol Police said Sicknick succumbed to injuries inflicted “while physically engaging” with pro-Trump rioters Wednesday. That, however, appears to be a euphemism for beaten to death by Trump supporters, as officials told […]

Parler Perishes As It Pines For Pity

From Deadline: Parler CEO John Matze said today that his social media company has been dropped by virtually all of its business alliances after Amazon, Apple and Google ended their agreements with the social media service. […] Matze said that the services are unfairly targeting Parler. “They’re trying to falsely claim that we’re somehow responsible for the events […]