They’re Not Patriots

Republicans who support Trump know he is degrading office of presidency & harming America’s security. But they are willing to go along with hurting their country because they think it keeps them in power. Which is pretty much the definition of what it means not to be a patriot. — stuart stevens (@stuartpstevens) August 11, […]

Lone Wolves

Per FiveThirtyEight: But the analysis also showed that these same people were often involved in ideological communities — communities built online and offline, where future terrorists sought (and often found) support and validation for their ideas. Thirty-four percent had recently joined a movement or organization centered around their extremist ideologies. Forty-eight percent were interacting in-person […]

This Guy Gets It

Nobody has more power to influence the tone of public discourse than the president. Instead of blaming everyone and everything else for inciting resentment and hate, President Trump should check his own words and actions. We all must do better, especially the official at the top. — Justin Amash (@justinamash) August 5, 2019

Press Releases

I’ve been reading releases by the U.S. Catholic Bishops over the past weeks, criticizing/opposing Trump Administration policies, and something struck me: the omission of the word “Trump” in these releases. I want to show you a side-by-side comparison with the Obama years: 1/ — Michael Bayer (@mbayer1248) July 30, 2019

Oh, The Irony

TRUMP: If you criticize America you should leave forever GOP: yeah don’t you dare criticize America! TRUMP: anyway here’s a list of US cities that are garbage — Jake Maccoby (@jdmaccoby) July 29, 2019