Campus Delivery Robot

Prompted by a note from Listener Zach, we discuss the trend of “autonomous food delivery vehicles” on college campuses. Some of the highlights: “A non-robot way would be: a fixed program that says go forward 10 feet, turn right 90 degrees, go left 10 feet….it would never make it.” “I don’t know if I want […]

Marty The Supermarket Robot

It’s a little older, but I absolutely love this episode. Some amazing and wonderful quotes: Red robot at night, shoppers take flight. John Siracusa And of course, the insanity imposed by what I’m sure are their lawyers: Every ten minutes on the supermarket PA system, they have to announce that Marty The Robot is not […]

Design a Beer Recipe

Really interesting podcast about building a beer recipe from scratch.  Particularly enjoyed the impacts the ionic properties of your water will have on the final product.

Apple ID’s

A wonderful rant by @siracusa about the dangers of ever believing things will work. Some excellent highlights: But again, assume that nothing will work. One of the error messages was saying ‘invalid payment method’ like it was an incorrect credit card number. It’s like I’m being gaslit by the system here.

Negative Mount Pleasant

Couple takeaways: Small towns will get taken advantage of for not knowing how to negotiate huge development deals with large, multi-national corporations. The tax concessions for the Foxconn deal were ridiculously large. Terrible negotiating, per point 1. Who voted for this guy DeGroot? The president of this township board comes off as hateful of the […]