Shark Trump

The president just retweeted 18 tweets criticizing Ed Henry on Fox News – and one of them appears to be a bot that takes Trump’s own tweets and inserts the word shark? — Vera Bergengruen (@VeraMBergen) September 29, 2019

Having a Son

Great line from Tim Miller re Hunter Biden: “His rap sheet of personal and professional crises paint quite the picture. But if having a boob for a son was disqualification for the presidency, we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.” — Mona Charen (@monacharenEPPC) September 24, 2019

We Work with Umbrellas

Missed posting this last week, but per BuzzFeed: Monday morning was the latter for employees of a tech startup who showed up at work to a bizarre and frustrating surprise. Over the weekend, an umbrella left leaning against a wall had fallen over and blocked the sliding door of their WeWork space. It was impossible […]

Excessive Crying

the last time i went to urgent care i checked off “excessive crying” on the symptom list and the nurse got really confused and told me that was meant for babies — oatly barista blend sommelier (@BUGPOSTING) September 18, 2019

The Meeting

I actually was in the meeting where this was proposed. It was awesome. I want to be in the meeting where this idea was proposed — Tariq Rauf (@tariqrauf) September 18, 2019

The Most Inspiring Story of the Week

Per the Des Moines Register: King arrived early Saturday at ESPN’s “College GameDay” event hoping to score a little beer money with a sign that read “Busch Light Supply Needs Replenished,” along with his Venmo username. He raised over $100,000. He’s keeping enough to buy a case of Busch Lite and donating the rest to a […]

Make Good Things

The basic way that, like, capitalism works is that you have incentives to make good stuff because people will pay you for it. If you invent a thing that people need, and you manufacture it efficiently, you will get rich. There are errors. If you invent a thing that people don’t need, that is actively […]