Would you like to buy another house?

I will never understand how online advertising manages to make frighteningly invasive inferences about our most intimate needs and desires and yet still reaches conclusions of the form “You just bought a house. You must be in the market for another house.” — matt blaze (@mattblaze) February 8, 2020

Avocado Crime Soars

From the Financial Times (requires free login to view article): …armed robbers are zeroing in on the fast-growing, multibillion-dollar [avocado] industry. The rise in avocado-related crime has turned parts of the state into no-go areas even for the police. …. The criminal activity around avocados bears striking similarities to “conflict minerals” such as tantalum, tin, […]

The Gym

It’s been 6 months since I joined the gym and no progress. I’m going there in person tomorrow to see what’s really going on. — Tony Starch (@_CakeBawse) January 15, 2020

Encyclopedia Dramatica

I’m sort of sad I’m only now learning about this valuable resource. I don’t even have a caption for this pic.twitter.com/iHxBCz1IUB — Jackie✨ (@find_evil) January 17, 2020 The entire Twitter thread is worth reading, as it seems there’s some confusion about exactly which crimes were committed leading to ED Admin’s jailing. ED also has it’s […]

The Ring of Power

From The Verge: But to compare Facebook to the power of the One Ring misses the lesson of Tolkien’s tale entirely: that such power, even when wielded by the greatest of people (Galadriel) or with the best intentions (Gandalf), is unfit for anyone to possess at all. If Facebook is the Ring of Power, by […]