Window Washers

From DaringFireball: Why in the world would a web browser’s software updater be doing anything at all at the root level of the boot volume?….This is like hiring someone to wash your windows and finding out they damaged the foundation of your house. And people wonder why Apple requires Chrome to be a sandboxed app […]

Shark Trump

The president just retweeted 18 tweets criticizing Ed Henry on Fox News – and one of them appears to be a bot that takes Trump’s own tweets and inserts the word shark? — Vera Bergengruen (@VeraMBergen) September 29, 2019

Having a Son

Great line from Tim Miller re Hunter Biden: “His rap sheet of personal and professional crises paint quite the picture. But if having a boob for a son was disqualification for the presidency, we wouldn’t be in this mess to begin with.” — Mona Charen (@monacharenEPPC) September 24, 2019

We Work with Umbrellas

Missed posting this last week, but per BuzzFeed: Monday morning was the latter for employees of a tech startup who showed up at work to a bizarre and frustrating surprise. Over the weekend, an umbrella left leaning against a wall had fallen over and blocked the sliding door of their WeWork space. It was impossible […]

Excessive Crying

the last time i went to urgent care i checked off “excessive crying” on the symptom list and the nurse got really confused and told me that was meant for babies — oatly barista blend sommelier (@BUGPOSTING) September 18, 2019