Value from Labor

Well……yup. Weird how the stock markets are plunging so much when no infrastructure has been destroyed and no natural resources have been depleted. Almost like all that value actually comes from people’s labour. I wonder if anyone’s written anything about this? — The skeletal hatter (@DrStedx) March 16, 2020

Health Care Costs

A few weeks old, but a timely share. Think you have “Good Health Insurance”? So did I until I needed to use it. I had caught a virus and lost the hydration battle so my husband brought me in for IV fluids and zofran. I have no complaints about my care, but was surprised by […]

Elections, and Predicting the Stock Market

Lol at this from Bloomberg: The S&P 500 will plunge 25% if the Democrat becomes president, says Paul Tudor Jones, the hedge fund manager. Discovery Capital Management founder Rob Citrone says she’s “the single biggest risk for the market” and calculates the downside at up to 20%. Billionaire Leon Cooperman told CNBC earlier this month that the […]

Farm Bailouts

Per Bloomberg: At $28 billion so far, the farm rescue is more than twice as expensive as the 2009 bailout of Detroit’s Big Three automakers, which cost taxpayers $12 billion. I’m so tired of winning!

Make Good Things

The basic way that, like, capitalism works is that you have incentives to make good stuff because people will pay you for it. If you invent a thing that people need, and you manufacture it efficiently, you will get rich. There are errors. If you invent a thing that people don’t need, that is actively […]

Bitcoin Basis

all these people in my mentions being like “i buy everything with bitcoin,” how do you track your basis and report your gains to the IRS? — Matt Levine (@matt_levine) July 1, 2019

Smart Finance

“Handing your creditors a loaded gun seems bad, but if it’s the only way to stop them from stabbing you right now then it’s fine.” — Matt Levine — Matt Edwards (@engineershope) March 8, 2019

Who Can Follow the Law All the Time?

On the other hand: What? This is a federal court casually suggesting that there is “uncertainty as to the very possibility of maintaining adequate compliance mechanism in light of complex and shifting government regulations.” Ehhhh, who can follow the law all the time, asks … a panel of federal judges? Matt Levine, Money Stuff 6 March 2019