Riding This Weekend

Have a new heart rate monitor for the bike (Wahoo Tickr) which should produce some interesting data I can both monitor in real-time from my head unit (Wahoo Elemnt Bolt) and then review in aggregate later on Strava/RideWithGPS. I’m excited.

Git and VS Code

I’m having a great time learning to use both while working on the CSS for this blog. Being able to track which changes I like, while getting visual diff’s of the changes I make, is awesome and makes me much more productive. One thing I’m missing from this workflow is the ability to modify the […]

Today’s Productivity Report

Garage cleaned, junk tossed, New workbench setup and put in place, Soon-to-be old road bike serviced, cleaned, and running well with new 50/34 crankset (longer post on this coming soon), Excellent new beer (see below) found and consumed. All in all, loving today.