Everything is a Cat Toy

And now I have to get one of these for the cats. Luckily, my cat toy budget is pretty slim thanks to their love of all the free cardboard boxes Amazon continues to send. My turn! pic.twitter.com/BtVgK6fmcP — Mr. Meowgi (@Mr_Meowwwgi) November 10, 2019

Black Cat on Monday Night Football

Damn! I fell asleep watching this game and apparently missed this. The black cat in the stadium apparently missed Halloween on Thursday Night Football. My cats Max and Leo saw the black cat on Monday night football pic.twitter.com/Pq5DA3RzgN — Cindy Saucier (@Brat1st) November 5, 2019


me: 🙂 houseplant: ? ? me: 🙂 houseplant: ? ? me: 🙂 houseplant: ? me: 😮 — 21st century digital zack (@zackdismukes) February 19, 2019