Hand Motions

In response to Apple announcing in the WWDC keynote that hand-washing could now be tracked via the Apple Watch in iOS 14, this was the funniest comment of all WWDC: WHAT OTHER HAND MOTIONS ARE THEY TRACKING — Craig Hockenberry (@chockenberry) June 22, 2020

Gui Rambo vs. Apple

Thankfully, this was resolved today with Apple restoring Gui’s access. Back in August, Apple locked me out of my developer account, preventing me from updating my apps on the App Store. They didn’t provide any explanation or reason, and since then I’ve reached out to them many times, without success.https://t.co/gcLP9rCosd — Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) November […]

Window Washers

From DaringFireball: Why in the world would a web browser’s software updater be doing anything at all at the root level of the boot volume?….This is like hiring someone to wash your windows and finding out they damaged the foundation of your house. And people wonder why Apple requires Chrome to be a sandboxed app […]

Apple’s Find My

From Wired: Here’s how the new system works, as Apple describes it, step by step: When you first set up Find My on your Apple devices—and Apple confirmed you do need at least two devices for this feature to work—it generates an unguessable private key that’s shared on all those devices via end-to-end encrypted communication, […]