Apple adopts new ‘BlastDoor’ security system on iOS 14 to reinforce iMessage integrity

From 9To5Mac: iOS 14 was announced with some great new features for iMessage, including more options for group conversations, inline replies, and more. However, there’s also an important change in iMessage that Apple hasn’t mentioned so far. The company has adopted a new security system called “BlastDoor,” which is basically a sandbox mode that protects […]

OCSP Privacy Promises, Coming Soon!

Apple made some updates to this page (h/t to Rene Richie for finding this): Privacy protections macOS has been designed to keep users and their data safe while respecting their privacy. Gatekeeper performs online checks to verify if an app contains known malware and whether the developer’s signing certificate is revoked. We have never combined […]

Apple’s OCSP Problem

How it started Jeff Johnson (@lapcatsoftware) seems to have noticed it first: Hey Apple users: If you’re now experiencing hangs launching apps on the Mac, I figured out the problem using Little Snitch. It’s trustd connecting to Denying that connection fixes it, because OCSP is a soft failure. (Disconnect internet also fixes.) — […]

One Moore Thing

If the event next week is about Apple Silicon, I can’t believe they didn’t go with this. — James Thomson (@jamesthomson) November 3, 2020 Brilliant.

iPhone Production and Putting Wages in Context

This article from 9to5Mac had me thinking: The company has reportedly introduced mandatory overtime for workers, and employees have been asked to forgo the eight-day national holiday beginning on October 1 … Sounds…not great, by American standards. On the other hand: One worker said some are happy to comply with the stringent iPhone 12 production […]