App Store Scams

From ArsTechnica: Researchers said that a tip from a child led them to discover aggressive adware and exorbitant prices lurking in iOS and Android smartphone apps with a combined 2.4 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Scams do happen. Regardless of what sort of filtering Apple and Google try to apply via […]

Apple v. Epic I

Apple‘s Review Guidelines: “Apps that use a third-party or social login service (such as Facebook Login, Google Sign-In, Sign in with Twitter, Sign In with LinkedIn, Login with Amazon, or WeChat Login) to set up or authenticate the user’s primary account with the app must also offer Sign in with Apple as an equivalent option.” […]

Quality Journalism and The App Store Cut

From 9To5Mac: A letter signed by a trade group that represents top newspapers including the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and the Washington Post says that Apple’s rules prevent them from investing in quality journalism. Among other changes, the letter asks for Apple’s cut of in-app purchases to be reduced to 15%. Currently, Apple charges […]

iOS Consoles?

John Gruber at Daring Fireball: “Consoles” are a business model and user experience design choice, and the iPhone and iPad are effectively app consoles, where games are just one type of app. This is a bad take. My iPhone is the computer I use each and every day, for multiple hours per day. Many other people […]

The App Store Doesn’t Make Apps Safe

From Michael Tsai’s blog, a great collection of why the Apple App Store doesn’t make users safer. It’s a tollgate, an expensive one, which provides not much in the way of security. Heck, even a manager from Uber is quoted in there! I built out and headed up App Store optimization for all of Uber’s […]