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Stock Buybacks and Misunderstandings

When it comes to legislating economic policies, positive incentives work better than negative ones. Micromanaging corporate capital activities isn’t the way to achieve the stated goals that Schumer and Sanders want. The tweaks above would be a start in the right direction.

Emphasis mine. You won’t get far pushing the river (or a string), but you can dig a canal.

Why Stock Buybacks Do So Little for Majority of Americans – Bloomberg

Negative Mount Pleasant

Couple takeaways:

  1. Small towns will get taken advantage of for not knowing how to negotiate huge development deals with large, multi-national corporations.
  2. The tax concessions for the Foxconn deal were ridiculously large. Terrible negotiating, per point 1.
  3. Who voted for this guy DeGroot? The president of this township board comes off as hateful of the people in his town. How he continues to win elections is baffling.

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