Who Can Follow the Law All the Time?

On the other hand: What? This is a federal court casually suggesting that there is “uncertainty as to the very possibility of maintaining adequate compliance mechanism in light of complex and shifting government regulations.” Ehhhh, who can follow the law all the time, asks … a panel of federal judges?

Matt Levine, Money Stuff 6 March 2019

Government Lawyers

I’m glad I never grew up to be a lawyer. This sort of double-speak can be a lot of fun, but to make it my 9-5 job…

THE COURT: Try my question. Is there a contract?
MR. BRYCE [government attorney]: Your Honor, I think there’s a lack of clarity perhaps about what contract may be being sought. […]
THE COURT: Now wait a minute. Wait a minute. […] You can’t expect the public to have those numbers. The obligation is on the government. The obligation is not on the person who seeks, it’s on the government.
THE COURT: […] So far as you know, is there any such contract?
MR. BRYCE: No, your Honor, so far as I know there is no contract of 115 miles as referenced in the —


Tesla Showroom Closings

More on the Tesla closing show rooms saga (I’m sure it’ll become a saga):

“This was a total 180-degree turn,” Chalekian, who owns a black Tesla Model S, said in a phone interview Monday. “Tesla had been talking about expanding stores, and all of a sudden they are closing them. To me, this signals a huge financial concern and a possible cash-flow issue for Tesla.”


Tesla also suggested a brick-and-mortar retail strategy was important in its annual report filed Feb. 19, just nine days before Musk announced the pivot to online sales.



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