Facebook Is Not a News Source

From Popular Info:

But then, without explanation, the fact-check was removed. If a Facebook user attempts to share the article today, there is no warning and no link to the fact-check. Shellenberger’s piece, on The Daily Wire and elsewhere, has now been shared over 65,000 times on Facebook. 

What happened? 

Internal Facebook documents obtained by Popular Information reveal that, prior to the removal of the fact-check, Science Feedback’s fact-check of The Daily Wire article was brought to the attention of top Facebook executives including VP of Global Affairs and Communications Nick Clegg, VP of Global News Partnerships Campbell Brown, and VP of Global Public Policy Joel Kaplan. The documents also show that Facebook was asked by the office of Congressman Mike Johnson (R-LA), a powerful member of Republican leadership, to reverse the fact-check.

If something is being virally shared and it contradicts common wisdom or validates a fringe belief some group holds – it is not now, nor has it ever been, the truth.

Slow Pedal ☀️

Knee, hip, and upper leg all feeling decent today. Pushed a little, didn’t hurt except a tiny bit in the beginning. Shaking off some cobwebs, I suppose.

Have to check back in on it tomorrow.

All the Adults in Congress

From The Hill:

In a brief but heated exchange, which was overheard by a reporter, Yoho told Ocasio-Cortez she was “disgusting” for recently suggesting that poverty and unemployment are driving a spike in crime in New York City during the coronavirus pandemic.

“You are out of your freaking mind,” Yoho told her.

Ocasio-Cortez shot back, telling Yoho he was being “rude.”

The two then parted ways. Ocasio-Cortez headed into the building, while Yoho, joined by Rep. Roger Williams (R-Texas), began descending toward the House office buildings. A few steps down, Yoho offered a parting thought to no one in particular.

“Fucking bitch,” he said.

The Twitter Hack – How it was Done

From @Lucky225:

The tl;dr is attackers would:

  1. Change email address on file
  2. Revoke 2FA via Twitter admin tools and
  3. Perform a password reset, which as part of that flow would send the reset code both to the email address on file AND any phone number associated with the account IF 2FA was turned off, which it was turned off by the attackers before they did the reset.

A good dive into what actually happened, narrated within the timeline of the attack.

Really curious to see what happens leading up to November 3rd this year.

Right Leg Still Busted

A gentle ride along the canal path last night. That Tuesday night ride last week somehow took a steep toll on my right leg.

At the finish of that ride, I felt mostly ok. Tired, a little sore, but not as if anything terrible had occurred. At the finish of this ride my muscles in that right leg were sore and wobbly. As I suck down some granola and yogurt this morning, here’s hoping I’m healed up by Saturday for the Spellbound Century ride. I suppose counting from Thursday night, I’m at Day ~3 of “recovery”. Day ~5 out from Tuesday night. Still feeling it.

Fox News Runs Digitally Altered Images

From The Seattle Times:

Fox News published digitally altered and misleading photos on stories about Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone (CHAZ)…

Here’s the photo:

Reminds me of a scene from The Newsroom:

Stand for something. These guys do, they were willing to lose their jobs. This guy does, he jumped off a bridge. They’re lying Leona, they’re just lying. A bunch of fatuous, mean-spirited bigots screaming platitudes about what America stands for.

They’re just lying.

Fox News. They’re just lying.

Electronic Frontier Foundation Launches Database of Police Agencies and Surveillance Tools

Sunlight is the best disinfectant (perhaps not so much against SARS-CoV-2, but…).

The EFF’s site is https://atlasofsurveillance.org.

Seeing lots of this Ring Doorbell nonsense in there:

…signed an agreement with Amazon’s home surveillance equipment company, Ring, in 2019 to gain special access to the company’s Neighbors app. In addition, the Township offered 200 residents a $100 subsidy to purchase Ring cameras.