It appears I forgot to write a 2022 November Month in Biking post. Oops. Regardless, it’s the final day of the 2022nd year here and in the spirit of reflecting and resolutions and all that, I can dig up some stats1 across the entire year.

2,453 miles

This is 22% more than last year where I eeked out a paltry 2,012 miles and only just crossed the 2k mark. Comparing to 2020 and 2019, though, it’s was not enough to beat out the 2,955 and 3,062 miles I pulled out those years, respectively. Damn hamstring/groin injury.

I ascended 3,000 feet twice, 4,000 feet once, and 5,000 feet once. Two rides were in excess of 50 miles. Definitely not my best stats, but a reflection that this year was less about biking my heart out and more about building back up that endurance I had prior to this injury. All of the beer and York peppermint patties certainly didn’t help me get there any faster, but I did end this year pretty happy overall. Take those wins where you can get ’em.

161 Rides

A decent number of bike rides this year! Just under half the total days in the year I managed to get on my bike. (See Overall section below, showing a handful of days I apparently rode 2+ times, making total number of active days only 157.)

That stat feels good, and it doesn’t consider the other days I would spend kayaking or hiking. It was a nice and average year for being active.

24 days of at least 24 miles

My Eddington number for this year. This is calculated by looking at how many days you did a ride of at least that many miles. If you rode for a single week at distances of 5, 7, 12, 9, 6, 8, and 11 miles your Eddington number for that would be six (6). You rode at least 6 miles across at least 6 days. In order to increase it to 7 you would need to have ridden 2 more miles the first day and 1 more mile the fifth day.

This number is cool and interesting because it requires consistency. In order to achieve an Eddington of 100, you would need to ride 100 miles for at least 100 days out of the year! That’s a lot of century rides. Each single digit increase in your Eddington number is representative of quite a bit more time spent on the bike.

I myself needed another 4 days at 25+ miles to get it up to 25. That, uh, won’t be happening this year!

This is a fun one to compare across years and here’s how I’ve done the last few years.

YearEddington (mi)

So…a little down, then a little up. Got a good target for next year!

460 Explorer tiles, max square 5x5

This metric is pretty cool:

The Explorer Score rewards those people who explore new roads/trails rather doing the same old loops.

Here’s the real challenge: how big a complete square of tiles can you tick off?

If you look at a map and place a grid of equal-sized squares all across it, then plot the roads you ride and anytime you pass through a square you “earn” that one piece of the grid, how many of those squares can you collect? That number is your Explorer Tile score. And for the max square, how big of a contiguous grid of squares can you put together?

I was really close to expanding this year to a 6x6 tile! I needed just this one extra square up in Hopewell Township. I’ve even ridden on that road before, just not in 2022 it seems!

This is something I want to pay more attention to next year and work to build out a bigger square. 6x6 should be easy enough, since I only missed it by some poor route planning this year.

Tile count is down relative to ‘19 and ‘20, and that’s an area I’m going to focus on improving in 2023.

YearTilesMax Square


Here is the overall snapshot. It was a good year!

I will not bother with 2023 predictions or prognostications or whatever. I’ll just say: Ride on!

Click to enlarge.

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  1. All stats referenced here were taken from VeloViewer, importing my Strava profile. ↩︎