Matt Levine, writing in Money Stuff on 25 October 2022:

Over the past few months I have written a long piece about crypto for Bloomberg Businessweek. It is out today, and you can read it here. Some of the themes will be familiar to Money Stuff readers: I touch on crypto’s sometimes hilarious and sometimes insightful reinvention of traditional finance, as well as Bitcoin’s revolutionary (re)discovery of the fact that, if a bunch of people decide that something should be valuable, that’s enough to make it valuable. But I also try to start from the beginning of crypto and build step by step, to develop complex modern crypto ideas from first principles.

I am looking forward to being entertained. Given Levine’s straight-forward writing style, which is often tinged with hints of comedy and coupled with a deadpan “yes, this is really how it is” attitude, this cryptocurrency explainer should be good for both the novice and seasoned observer alike.

Conspicuously, this single article takes up the entire issue of Bloomberg Businessweek, cover-to-cover, something which has only happened one time prior.

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