Spent a solid seven days in Key West, Florida the other week, a wonderful little island at the end of the Florida Keys. For the next time I visit, here’s a nice, quick summary of all the best places to visit for food, drink, or fun.

Best Places for…


  • Red Shoe Island Bistro. Probably the best meal we had all week. They don’t have a long menu, but each and every item they had was excellent. Beef Stroganoff. Yellowtail Snapper. Seared Scallops. Not a single thing to complain about.
  • Key Plaza Creperie. Without a doubt, the best breakfast we had! Can’t quite walk here from down by Duval, yet it was well worth the short drive over to have some very tasty crepes. The sweet lemon crepe was the best! (It used lemon juice on a sweet crepe dough and was the perfect balance of flavors.)
  • Baby’s Coffee. Found this on a bike ride and stopped in on our way out of town. Excellent coffee, good donuts, and tasty half-bagels with baked toppings. Pizza on a bagel is great!
  • Old Town Bakery. A classic. Still kicking the past five years and I’m happy they are still in business. Ham and cheese croissants are phenomenal.
  • Seaside Cafe. What a gem! Located on the property of the Southernmost House, near the Southernmost Point (what down here is not southern-most??), they made excellent pizza and sandwiches. Homemade bread, grilled, with prosciutto and cheese on top. Will certainly be back.


  • Old Town Tavern & Beer Garden. The best craft beer in Key West; and we tried a lot of places! This one had a two-page deep selection, page one of drafts and page two of cans. A really remarkable list of beers from all across Florida, augmented with a few choices from Maine and the Northeast. With a happy hour from 4-7pm knocking 25% off their beers, we frequented this place quite often.
  • Fogarty’s. For their frozen drinks, of course.

Overall, Key West is a drinking destination and not a craft beer destination. Since much of my time traveling is focused on finding great craft beer, I tend to view this trip and most others through a lens of “what do you have on tap?” Key West is really no better than the sports bar you or I have down the street, in that regard.

To Do

  • Butterfly Garden. An indoor greenhouse full of a huge assortment of butterflies and birds! Video of this coming soon, you have to see it to really understand how much was going on inside this little place.
  • Sail, Kayak, and Snorkel. A really nice way to spend most of a day, combining several activities into one trip. Video coming soon and we’ll find out how well the GoPro faired underwater.
  • Parasailing. Had never done this before, and it was a blast! Video coming soon.

Seaplane Rides to Fort Jefferson?

Sadly, our plane ran into mechanical issues two days out from our planned trip. Oh well, there’s always next time. This sort of adventure did look like a lot of fun. Given that the Keys are full of small islands and shallow waters, flying over them to take in the views sounded like an absolute blast.