One solid weekend of biking in there. The rest…eh.

For the long weekend of riding in April, I’ve embedded a YouTube video I cut together of the two days of riding. Scroll past the VeloViewer image to check that out.

This was our first attempt at strapping the GoPro onto our bikes and capturing the adventure. Shot using a GoPro Hero 10. On the “do again” list I’ve got a GoPro handlebar mount, and on the “never do that again” list I’ve got the chest mount. I used none of the chest mount footage because, well, you would be looking at my handlebars for however many miles. A very boring viewpoint, and it did not capture the group spirit of the ride.

During our upcoming Key West trip I plan to capture a lot of biking footage using the GoPro. And I have to keep silently telling myself “I will not buy a drone, I will not buy a drone…”