This past Sunday had some nice weather on tap, so we set off for the northern reaches of the state to explore a State Park we had never visited before. Norvin Green!

We hiked the “candy cane” trail, e.g. the one which had a red/white slashed blaze. It felt appropriate on the day after Christmas! Finding the trail, though, was not a great experience as evidenced by our first photo in the gallery below. We ended up on a fire road instead, which was filled with quite a few deep and water-filled holes. However, once we did reconnect with the trails proper everything was well-blazed and easy to navigate. Lots of twists and turns on the trail, too! Every thousand feet was a blaze directing a sharp right- or left-hand turn.

A neat feature of this hike, and one I apparently did not expect in my research ahead of time, is that from the “high point” lookout in the park you can get a good view of New York City. It was a pretty clear day and we did see a nice city outline on the horizon! I have cropped one poor iPhone 11 photo in the gallery below and enhanced it a bit to give clear distinction to the buildings rising up in the distance.

We rounded out the day by visiting Muckraker Beer and Magnify Brewing. After 5 miles on the trail (Strava Link), it was a good excuse to relax!

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Swamp. Not a strong start to the day.
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Found the trails!
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Curious rock placement along the balding mountain.
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Top of the world!
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Zoomed in to see the city on the horizon.
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A wider view from atop.
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Big rock!