As is about tradition for this time of year, we’ve been off visiting my family in Tarpon Springs, Florida. This means a week with good Greek food and lots of sun, and also some time out on the water enjoying a climate much more temperate than New Jersey at this time of year. The weather did not cooperate with us for ocean kayaking, so we took to the natural springs of Weeki Wachee State Park to float down along the crystal clear river. The blue-green colors and the clarity of the water is really something!

Some excellent footage from a brand new GoPro Hero 10 Black can be seen in the embedded YouTube video below. This added another fun layer to the event, and gave me something to do when I got home.

Editing tips and tricks:

  • Music was sourced from and All with open-source, attribution-style licensing. Nothing is more boring than watching a kayak float along for 12 silent minutes, with the only background noise the light splish-splash of the paddle.
  • Edits were done using QuickTime and iMovie. It was only as I neared completion of this video that I looked into alternatives, and I think my next outdoor video project will use DaVinci Resolve.
  • 4k60 footage takes up a lot of hard-drive space. I knew this going in, but combined with some quirks in how iMovie loves to copy everything into a second location, my poor little 256GB MacBook Air took a beating. Next time around I plan to use a 1TB external hard drive connected via USB-C; assuming it does not ruin the editing flow.
  • If sound recording was needed, do not use the GoPro microphone. Get something external.