On our way to visit my aunt’s for the holiday’s, we took advantage of being in northern New Jersey to hike along the Appalachian Trail leading to High Point, NJ. It was a chilly yet beautiful day to be outside. Starting off around 9am the temperature was 35 F. By the time we finished and arrived back at the car it had improved to 44 F. The clear skies and warm sun meant that for the hike back down we could lose the gloves and unzip our jackets.

Some photos from the hike.

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Fall is here, and most of the leaves have now come down - making it hard at times to follow the trail!
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Only one stream crossing today.
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Macro shot with an iPhone 11 and Halide's new macro mode.  Works!
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Approaching the obelisk.
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Views from the top, looking north-west towards Port Jervis.  The wind chills you down to the bone quick!
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Tall tower is tall.
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Beautiful blue skies this morning!  It turned cloudy and gray later on; glad we got this hike in early.