Went camping last weekend!

Location was Timberline Campground out in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. The Pine Barrens has been a favorite spot this summer since we picked up a few low-end Pelican kayaks, because the rivers in that region are a lot of fun to float down. Our friends enjoy stand up paddle-boarding, so we all converged on the campsite with kayaks and boards in tow. The initial expectation was to put them out on the “lake” at the campsite…but it turned out to be a bit more of a tiny pond than a real lake.

Off to the river we went!

Wading River is the closest and also the most forgiving river in the area. I was not certain paddle boards would be a fun time navigating down the twists and turns of the river, but we were determined to make something out of the day. Oh, and my friends brought their two small dogs! Those pups were troopers, too, standing atop the paddle boards for a 5 mile downstream float. Find our route here.

After shuffling cars and getting the kayaks and boards back to camp, we stoked up the fire for making steaks in a cast iron skillet and put the Rutgers Football game on the radio. Many beers were consumed. Rutgers won. All in all, a perfect end-of-summer type of day and weekend.

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Making camp.
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The lake that wasn't very big.
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Walking around the trailer park.
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Out on the Wading river.
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Heading downstream.
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Morning sunrise.