This is a new cut of mattedwards.org, built using the static site generator hugo. I had been experimenting with static site generation on-and-off for the past eight months; and I finally set aside the time to put this new site together.

Static site generation has been on my mind since the Stacktrace podcast introduced it to me via John Sundell’s Publish, which is built using Swift. The simplicity of a website built using nothing but HTML and CSS is awesome (plus a tiny bit of Javascript which is baked into the theme but which I plan to remove). Combined with my fascination around the Go language, I settled on using Hugo.

I have additional plans in the pipeline for this site:

  • An integration with Strava showing my latest biking activities.
  • A better layout for the Resume page.
  • Exploring Hugo and GitHub actions to improve the publishing process here.

I had a ton of fun building this, and hope to continue having fun maintaining it. I’ll share notes and images from my travels, personal thoughts from time-to-time, and continually iterate on the design of the site. There are some rough edges which I plan to fix over time, but I really wanted to ship this v1.0 out the door!

This is a passion project for me. I hope you enjoy it, too.