Why Fauci Advised Against Wearing a Mask Early in the Pandemic

Three points Fauci makes, paraphrased here:

  1. We [the Administration] were told right in the Situation Room that there would be a shortage of masks, because people were going to buy N95’s. We did not want to create a situation where health care providers wouldn’t get those masks.
  2. There was no real evidence (at the time) that masks worn outside hospitals actually worked to protect you.
  3. We did not know at the time that half (or more) of infections were transmitted by people with no symptoms.

Sounds reasonable.

Why did he change his mind?

  1. There was no mask shortage, because cloth masks were found to be effective. [This means regular folks could be encouraged to buy those, and not take N95’s from health care workers who needed them.]
  2. Analysis was published that showed (for the first time) that masks worked outside of a hospital setting to prevent infections.
  3. We learned that about 50% of infections were being transmitted by people who didn’t even know they were infected.

That’s why he changed his mind.

Again, sounds reasonable!

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