Teslas made in Texas will likely have to leave the state before Texans can buy them

From The Verge:

Because of state laws banning car companies from selling directly to consumers, Tesla could end up shipping the cars from its Austin factory to other states, before they’re sent back to their Texan buyers. The state’s lawmakers were debating legislation that would have prevented the situation, but they’ve now missed their chance to pass it before they have to go on break until 2023 — the factory is expected to be completed by the end of 2021.

Laws preventing automakers from selling their vehicles directly to consumers aren’t unique to Texas, nor are they targeted at Tesla: they were originally put in place in many states to keep manufacturers from undercutting their franchised dealers, and putting them out of business. Tesla doesn’t have franchised dealers to protect, but that doesn’t matter to Texas law as it’s currently written.

But. But… freedom!