Epic fights Apple in court by playing Candy Crush

From The Verge:

On the stand is Lorin Hitt, professor of operations, information, and decisions at the University of Pennsylvania Wharton…


Hitt can’t guarantee all the games listed in the unintelligible spreadsheet are from the same developer across all platforms, it turns out. He says his team of researchers did the analysis, and he trusts his team.


According to Even, there are three apps that support buying something on the web, then using it in an app: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, Roblox and… Fortnite. (Fortnite, however, is now banned from iOS.) Does Hitt have any basis to dispute this?

Hitt says he trusts his team. I am feeling very bad for the team, which has largely been thrown under the bus by Hitt here.

The poor team.

It’s a funny term, too, given the “under the bus” or “UTB” has appeared in this trial already.