A Look at Cooke, and Partisan Flame Wars

Questioning the source of that article, though, reveals gems such as this:


He doesn’t seem to mind when other states are accused of manipulating COVID data, either. I don’t see any deep investigative work here, Once Again: It’s Not Florida That’s Cooking the Books, It’s New York. Must be reserved for that special place in his heart for Florida.

And Mr. Cooke wouldn’t be a good partisan without getting off a few of these sort of cheap pot-shots:

One hundred days in, Biden’s radical presidency makes clear that his campaign was, in fact, a fraud.

If there’s one thing Biden is not – it is “radical”. Not by Merriam-Webster’s definition. Trump was a radical President, given his disdain for the Constitution, and his general lack of experience in politics. Things you could classify as “very different from the usual or traditional.” A second definition may better fit in the political context: “associated with political views, practices, and policies of extreme change.” Extreme change? Biden? I think it’s more likely Trump gets a second and third term, than Biden is able to enact any sort of extreme change.

So goes the partisan flame wars.

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