Decision to pause Johnson & Johnson vaccine causes public confidence in vaccine to sink

From YouGov:

Comparing the results from those who took the survey before the announcement with those who took the survey afterward shows the huge impact the CDC’s decision has had on the perceived safety of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

Among those who started the survey before the announcement about the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause, about half (52%) considered the shot “very safe” or “somewhat safe” – twice the number who believed it “very unsafe” or “somewhat unsafe.” After the announcement was made, these figures had converged – just 37% called the vaccine safe, and 39% feeling it unsafe.

A month from now, assuming the blood clot investigation turns up no major problems, the numbers will have reverted to the mean and we’ll be back with folks getting all three vaccines.

It’s unfortunate that there was a pause, but that doesn’t mean it should not have happened. Considering we obtained these vaccines in record time, we can deal with some minor issues.