AAA Membership Expiration

Man, am I now painfully aware that my AAA membership is going to expire in the next 2 days. Letters. Emails. A text message. Be better, AAA. Be less desperate.

Opinion | Extending the Johnson & Johnson vaccine pause for a week was a deadly mistake

From The Washington Post: At its meeting, ACIP analyzed vaccine side effects with admirable transparency. But there was no rigorous analysis of the risks of not being vaccinated. Rather, ACIP insisted that because “alternative covid-19 vaccines (mRNA vaccines) are available,” the tradeoffs are inconsequential. This shows a profound disconnect with the reality many Americans face. …


I’m still in awe that Oatly created super sugar grain juice, cut it with canola oil, and then successfully used (amazing) marketing to convince everyone that no, this is Good — Katherine Champagne (@keccers) April 5, 2021 Well, ew.