Money Stuff – Good Aptonym

From March 10:

“The reshuffling of the S&P 500 last month brought lighting supplier Monolithic Power Systems Inc., which has six men and no women on its board, into the Index for the first time. The last all-male board — Copart Inc. — added a woman in July 2019. The gender disparity comes even as the broader index topped 29% women on boards for the first time last month. …”

“You cannot be a company with a board of all men on the S&P 500 for long,” said Davia Temin, founder of New York City crisis consultancy Temin and Co. “It’s really pretty difficult in this day and age to go against the march of history.”

Yeah, I don’t know, if anyone is going to go against the march of history it might be Monolithic Power Systems? “What kind of monolithic power systems do you offer?” “Well, we have this nice system that will power your electric lights; also the patriarchy, that’s a real monolithic power system.”

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