I Oppose the Democrats’ Plan to Lower Child Poverty. If Kids Want to Eat, They Should Work In Filthy Factories Like They Did in the Good Old Days.

From McSweeney’s:

As a pro-family Republican Senator, I’m vehemently opposed to the Democrats’ plan to reform the Child Tax Credit and give families money every month to care for their children. Sure, on the surface it sounds good when they say things like, “This plan would cut the child poverty rate in half” and “Children deserve to eat.” But ask yourself, what is really going on here? To me, this just sounds like another deranged liberal plot to cut child poverty and let children eat.

Democrats and bleeding heart liberals like Mitt Romney say that children should have their needs provided for them regardless of whether their parents have jobs. I agree, which is why we need to bring back child labor and make children sweat in filthy, dangerous factories.