I Oppose the Democrats’ Plan to Lower Child Poverty. If Kids Want to Eat, They Should Work In Filthy Factories Like They Did in the Good Old Days.

From McSweeney’s: As a pro-family Republican Senator, I’m vehemently opposed to the Democrats’ plan to reform the Child Tax Credit and give families money every month to care for their children. Sure, on the surface it sounds good when they say things like, “This plan would cut the child poverty rate in half” and “Children …

Day Off, Bike Riding

The day started off…not great. Seems the batteries in those pedals gave up the ghost sometime between last month, and today. I did check them! The Garmin app informed me they were “well charged” only 1.5 months ago. Ah. Good ride overall, though!

I’m Being Censored, and You Can Read, Hear, and See Me Talk About It in the News, on the Radio, and on TV

From McSweeney’s: Hi there, thanks for reading this. I’m being censored. That’s why I’m writing a piece in a major publication that you are consuming easily and for free. Because I am being absolutely and completely muzzled. Also, I just went on a massively-watched TV show to let you know that my voice is being …

An Authentically Republican Response

Who had the most authentically Republican response to millions of Texans losing power and freezing? 1. Gov. Abbott blaming the Green New Deal. 2. Ted Cruz flying to Cancun. 3. Rick Perry saying that given a choice, Texans would rather freeze to death than have gov’t regs. pic.twitter.com/05K0V6l7cD — Moe Davis (@ColMorrisDavis) February 18, 2021

Fact check: Renewable energy is not to blame for the Texas energy crisis

From NBC News: The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which plays the role of traffic cop for Texas’ energy providers, directing energy from producers to distributors, predicted that this winter would see wind produce about 7,070 megawatts at peak load times. By the council’s own daily figures, wind power in Texas has produced between 4,415 …