Parler’s Progressive Web App

For the crowd that flies to outrage because they can’t fathom doing a quick Google search first:

Quick transcript of the hilarious bit:

MajorSalt: How do I use it for Parler? It asks for a captcha when logging in but the caption image doesn’t show up when using the PWA.

ChynaBiden: 1. Not going to click on Communist Wikipedia; 2) why does it say ‘Progressive’ in the description?

Three problems here:

  • Dude’s handle is ‘ChynaBiden’. How clever!
  • Mr. ChynaBiden’s list numbering skills are cringe worthy. Reminds me of Home Alone and Buzz saying “a 2 d”.
  • The guy cannot fathom a world where the vocabulary of “progressive” does not mean “your sworn political enemies.”

I cannot wait:

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