Disney World is going to stop photoshopping masks onto people

From The Verge:

Even if you’ve never been to a theme park, you’ve probably seen these kinds of photos: people on a roller coaster screaming or reacting in some funny way to whatever’s happening, captured by a camera built into the ride and sold at some crazy price. In the age of COVID-19, however, Disney has had to adapt to how it handles these pictures. For example, previously, if someone wasn’t wearing a mask on the ride, neither they nor anybody else in the picture would be able to download it in the Disney app or get it printed.

It’s understandable how this could cause some annoyance — if you were wearing your mask on the ride, why shouldn’t you be able to get the picture just because someone else wasn’t? Disney’s solution to this, apparently, was to start digitally adding masks to non-wearers (rather poorly, as you can see in the tweet below).