Florida attorney under investigation for registering to vote in Georgia, encouraging others to do the same


Florida attorney is at the center of a new state investigation after elections officials say he recently attempted to register to vote in Georgia and instructed other Florida Republicans on how to do it .

Bill Price is seen in a now-deleted Facebook Live video, speaking to the Bay County GOP members in Florida on Nov. 7th.

Finally, some solid proof of voter fraud. Of course, it was committed by a Republican with the goal of giving Loeffler and Perdue wins in their Senate seat races. Oops!

I don’t suppose Trump and Giuliani will be calling Bill Price as a witness in their ongoing “fraud” lawsuits.

For weeks Georgia officials have warned that registering to vote with no attempt to stay in Georgia can be punishable by a felony charge that can carry up to a ten-year sentence , and $100,000 fine.

In politics, it’s as likely as not that an accusation is simply a projection.