Joe Biden has finally disclosed his big fundraisers just before Election Day

From Vox:

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden finally disclosed the roster of his biggest fundraisers on Saturday, unveiling the names of the 820 people who have helped him build a big-money juggernaut.


Biden’s campaign had declined to answer inquiries about their bundlers until last week, when it told The New York Times that it would release their names by the end of October (which ended Saturday.) Both Obama and Clinton released updates on the list of people helping them raise big money at consistent intervals; Biden’s only prior update came on a Friday evening just after Christmas in 2019 during the Democratic primary with about 230 names, before his bundling operation beefed up in earnest.

Hopefully the 2020 election returns us to a Presidency that works for the people, instead of an office being bent to the will and whim of one man.

And the Trump campaign hasn’t been in much of a place to argue for transparency. Trump hasn’t released any information about his own bundlers at all.

Of course.

Despite his preference to talk about his low-dollar fundraising operation, Biden has built an impressive big-money machine.

At what point will this country finally divorce money from politics.

On the one hand, you could argue all that cash supports media buys where, at least, a part of each candidates message is spread to voters who have no clue what each candidate believes. There’s some value in that sort of education, slanted as it may be, although you could argue for a more neutral system where public dollars pay for the same thing to an equal extent for all candidates.

On the other hand, twisting the truth with negative ads doesn’t really help any voter. Removing the ability for a candidate to run their own ads (at least on a large scale) would go a long ways in restoring some civility to that aspect of campaigning. Smarter folks than I must have some ideas for how publicly funded presidential campaigns could be run.