Afternoon Ride

Highlights I can see from VeloViewer versus my ride last week…

  • 68% greater Training Load (TSS)
  • 66% greater energy consumption
  • Equal efficiency in terms of Watt/HR
  • Eerily, weighted average power was the same at 119 W for both rides

Compared to previous rides earlier this year, my quartile 1 and 3 heart rates are still high. Earlier this year Q1 HR would be between 120-130 bpm. The past two training rides have been at 138-141. This is evidenced in the efficiency loss of W/HR, too.

Power output is about in line with a typical ride I would take with Kristin. I’m down about 10 W from that range of 105-115 W. These past two rides were down in the 100 W average power range. Solo rides earlier this year would be in the ~150 W range, with a range of Q1-Q3 of 100-200 W. Today’s Q1-Q3 was 59 to 141 W.

The power is still there, but the efficiency has fallen off because I don’t get enough cardio exercise during this prolonged recovery period for the groin strain. And there’s still the discomfort when riding from the injury to my groin itself, causing me to hold back and not push too hard. Hopefully that works itself out with additional training rides.

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