The Best People

From The Huffington Post:

Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is hiding what it pays a top adviser who claims he speaks to the president daily and who is embroiled in a long-running dispute with a former lover over how much child support he can afford to pay.

Jason Miller, who joined the reelection team in late spring after having worked on Trump’s 2016 bid and who served as an informal adviser to him since 2017, has not once appeared in the 2020 campaign’s filings on its expenses with the Federal Election Commission. Also absent from the filings is Miller’s firm, SHW Partners LLC, for which he describes himself as a “principal.”

Always remember, Trump claimed to get only the best people. The child support dodgers.

According to Florida court filings in the support dispute, Miller reported an income of $683,660 in 2019 ― but continued to argue that he could not afford to pay $3,167 per month in child support for the son he fathered during the 2016 Trump campaign with a female colleague.