Challenged by Change

From Eclectic Light Company:

It’s curious that Apple, a vociferous supporter of diversity in the workplace, doesn’t see the choice of change in the same terms. It uses all manner of devices to nudge or persuade us to keep upgrading our operating systems, Mac hardware and more. If you run macOS, iOS, etc., Apple will do everything to enourage you to keep upgrading your hardware and software: resistance is futile, and now quite hard work.

Imagine for a moment two or three carefully chosen older Intel Macs bundled with a non-upgradable but maintained version of macOS Mojave. Every cent of their development costs has already been repaid many times over. Apple’s only overhead would be a small team of software engineers curating macOS 10.14 to eliminate its remaining bugs.

For those challenged by change, it would be a compelling purchase, for Apple a steady seller over the next half dozen years or more. As those users needed to replace their existing Macs, they’d be able to continue buying from Apple rather than shopping around for spares on eBay.

It’s a brilliant thought. Ubuntu offers a stable version of itself for ~3 year periods. Older versions remain viable for longer. Companies like RedHat get by selling support for their (sometimes aging) free and open platforms.

Perhaps there’s just not enough consumer demand. Or not enough of an opportunity to show consumers this is something they could demand.

It’ll never happen, of course, for offering such classic systems would be admitting that the future isn’t always better than the past.