iPhone Production and Putting Wages in Context

This article from 9to5Mac had me thinking: The company has reportedly introduced mandatory overtime for workers, and employees have been asked to forgo the eight-day national holiday beginning on October 1 … Sounds…not great, by American standards. On the other hand: One worker said some are happy to comply with the stringent iPhone 12 production […]

Challenged by Change

From Eclectic Light Company: It’s curious that Apple, a vociferous supporter of diversity in the workplace, doesn’t see the choice of change in the same terms. It uses all manner of devices to nudge or persuade us to keep upgrading our operating systems, Mac hardware and more. If you run macOS, iOS, etc., Apple will […]

Halide’s Wildfire Response

Classy move. Great camera app. We saw a lot of attention yesterday as people used Halide to take photos of the eerie orange skies in places hit by wildfires. We got significantly higher downloads. It feels wrong to benefit from this, so we are donating yesterday’s sales to our local Wildfire Relief Fund. — Halide […]

App Store Scams

From ArsTechnica: Researchers said that a tip from a child led them to discover aggressive adware and exorbitant prices lurking in iOS and Android smartphone apps with a combined 2.4 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Scams do happen. Regardless of what sort of filtering Apple and Google try to apply via […]