Halide’s Wildfire Response

Classy move. Great camera app. We saw a lot of attention yesterday as people used Halide to take photos of the eerie orange skies in places hit by wildfires. We got significantly higher downloads. It feels wrong to benefit from this, so we are donating yesterday’s sales to our local Wildfire Relief Fund. — Halide […]

App Store Scams

From ArsTechnica: Researchers said that a tip from a child led them to discover aggressive adware and exorbitant prices lurking in iOS and Android smartphone apps with a combined 2.4 million downloads from the App Store and Google Play. Scams do happen. Regardless of what sort of filtering Apple and Google try to apply via […]


From TechCrunch: A privacy bug in Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden’s official campaign app allowed anyone to look up sensitive voter information on millions of Americans, a security researcher has found. Come on, man! Stupidity just runs through all of politics.

Giggle; laughable security

It’s best not to threaten the people trying to help you: Disclosure timeline: 07/09/2020: Reached out privately via Twitter DM 09/09/2020: Publicly reached out via Twitter 09/09/2020: Continued DM with giggle owner, Sall 09/09/2020: DI_Security Twitter account blocked 09/09/2020: JayHarris_Sec Twitter account blocked 09/09/2020: Saskia asked Sall to reconsider ignoring us 09/09/2020: ms__chief account blocked […]

The Trump Pandemic

From Slate: It’s hard to believe a president could be this callous and corrupt. It’s hard to believe one person could get so many things wrong or do so much damage. But that’s what happened. Trump knew we weren’t ready for a pandemic, but he didn’t prepare. He knew China was hiding the extent of […]

Republican Arguments

A lot of the arguments coming out of the Republican Party recently have embraced this – what’s the best way to describe it…lack of common sense. I thought a big part of their schtick was to be the party of simple questions and straightforward answers? “Nancy Pelosi is a danger to all Americans for getting […]